• 23-03-2018

    Luitpoldhütte GmbH inaugurates two new induction furnaces

  • 20-03-2018

    Ogepar is pleased to announce the acquisition of the cast iron foundry of Lüneburg, Germany

  • 23-10-2017

    Focast Châteaubriant joins the Focast Holding

  • 18-10-2017

    The capital of Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC) is raised to 70 MEUR

  • 29-06-2017

    Acquisition of 47.500 shares of FOCAST HOLDING

  • 28-06-2017

    Opening Elais Business Center in Pointe Noire

  • 30-03-2017

    Rwandamotor´s 50th anniversary

  • 21-10-2016

    Capital increase of Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC)

  • 22-09-2016

    Capital increase Ogepar s.a.

  • 17-05-2016

    Decision in an appeal on the 43% of Focast Holding

  • 09-05-2016

    ABC welcomes Ministers De Croo

  • 05-04-2016

    Subsidiary in Dunkerque

  • 14-03-2016

    LUITPOLDHÜTTE welcomes state minister of finance and state secretary from Bavaria

  • 04-01-2016

    Luitpolhütte GmbH

  • 30-07-2015

    Acquisition of 47.500 shares FOCAST HOLDING

  • 11-06-2014

    Elite Fashion show - Hotel ELAIS - Pointe Noire

  • 06-06-2014

    Share purchase agreement in the Soras Group ltd.

  • 06-06-2014

    RWANDAMOTOR - Kigali

  • 19-12-2013

    Arboretum of Bujumbura

  • 29-11-2013

    Mergers by absorption: BURUNDIMOTOR and CONGO MOTORS

  • 27-09-2013


  • 05-07-2013

    KBB celebrates 60 years of turbocharger production in Bannewitz

  • 08-01-2013

    Reduction of Capital of ELAIS IMMO bvba

  • 27-10-2012

    ABC celebrates its 100-year anniversary and launches the DL36 engine range


60th anniversary of KBB

KBB in Saxony/Germany, manufacturer of turbochargers for large Diesel- and Gas engines for ship-, locomotive- and genset application in the 500 to 3000 kW power range celebrates its 60th anniversary on June 21st, 2008. In his speech, Dr. Ulrich Kramer, Managing Director of KBB could look back to a very successful business development over the past 5 years. KBB tripled the turnover and hired 60 qualified people to follow the customer needs.

A more than 7 Mio EUR investment program for machining centres, production equipment and infrastructure was the basis for this success. The height of the festivities was the ceremonial opening of the new KBB Turbocharger Test Centre (TTC) in attendance of the members of the KBB board, former KBB management, old test stand engineers, designers and construction workers and the total KBB staff (150 people). The new TTC works with gas instead of heating oil consistently to the high environmental regulations and replaces an 50 years old facility in Bannewitz.

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