The group OGEPAR was established in 1980 but the juridical form of the holding company OGEPAR s.a.
was founded on February 6, 1985. The company is registered in the commercial register of Luxemburg, registration number 23.628. It's registered capital is 50 million euro.


The group developed due to several opportunities to take over existing companies.
After recapitilizing the companies, the group offered them a new management and synergism in products, personnel and commercial network.


  • The group mainly owns companies in the industrial sector. Its competences go from casting to more sophisticated products such as turbo-chargers, machines, engines,…
    Thanks to ABC and ABC Contracting, the group also has designed and realized thermal and hydroelectric power stations.
  • Thanks to the network of African companies, the commercial force of the group can assert in the technical field.
  • The third activity of the group is the management of a real estate patrimony.
    Thanks to the African branches (especially CFE, ELAIS IMMO and SOGICO) the group owns residences, offices, warehouses and two hotels.